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Corpse In Elevator Prank 01:21
- It's usually good manners to hold the elevators for the others, except when they show up with a casket containing a dead man. From the looks of it, this particular scenario seems quite effective at sc
Pranks 3 mar 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 308  
The Oscar For Best Special Effects Goes To... 01:08
- TV salesman has the perfect gimmick to sell his 3D remote controls. He pops out behind the victims, scares the hell out of them and then claims his remote did it.
Pranks 2 mar 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 704  
Tricky Shopping Kart Prank 01:09
- Sneaky tricky shopping karts hang to each other for dear life and plain refuse tobe taken away by the victims! It's funny because it's the kind of rage inducing thing that actually happens in real lif
Pranks 26 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 916  
Basketball Head Boy Prank 01:06
- This is such a ridiculous prank! The poor little boy dropped his change on the ground, when the victims pick it up, his head is now a basketball and his basketball is now a head! You'd even expect the
Pranks 25 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 276  
Front Yard Funeral Prank 01:17
- That's right folks, Just For Laughs is now delivering Gags right to your front door! In this particular prank, a priest and a few mourners show up in people's front yard and perform a full funeral com
Pranks 22 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 419  
Baby For Sale Prank 01:14
- Shoppers are horrified to discover a pet shop selling a caucasian baby for only $1200! A baby this cute is worth at least twice that much!
Pranks 21 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 867  
Valentine's Day Sexy Lingerie Shopping Prank 01:22
- Blind girl requires some help for Valentine's day sexy lingerie shopping but when the victims turn around, she's mysteriously turns into a man with a sexually ambiguous booty who claims he already has
Pranks 19 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 122  
Celebrity Quiz Buzzer Fail Prank 01:15
- Victims are asked to participate in a "Name The Celebrity" quiz. Unfortunately, the sneaky buzzer slides right and left making it impossible to push it and giving enough time for the creepy old lady t
Pranks 16 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 908  
Cop Shoots Own Finger Prank 01:19
- Clean freak police officer cleans the barrel of his gun with little finger. When the finger gets stuck, his partner decides that shooting it out would be the best course of action.
Pranks 14 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 286  
Galna bil pranks! 03:28
- Här är 5 olika pranks som du kan göra mot dina föräldrar eller vänner.
Pranks 9 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 7 591  
Kid Tricks Blind Man Prank 01:17
- A naughty kid tricks victims into tricking a blind man into walking into an elevator door!
Pranks 7 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 947  
Sexy Ass Grabbing Robot Prank 01:29
- Domo arigato Mr Ass Grabbing Roboto! A cleaning robot coming straight from the 60s future takes a break from mopping the floor to slap dat sweet ass.
Pranks 5 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 3 355  
- Paramedic enlists some good samaritans to bring a little girl in a wheelchair up an elevator. Unfortunately, the lights go off while in the elevator and the little girl vanishes! Also, sexy doctor!
Pranks 4 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 3 094  
Mobile Phone In Soup Prank 01:06
- A man lost his phone and happens to find it ringing in people's soups!
Pranks 3 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 009  
Real Fish Candy Prank 01:09
- Unsuspecting victims are confronted with a real goldfish in their hands when expecting to get some candy fish for a little girl.
Pranks 1 feb 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 564  
Businessman Appears In Elevator Prank 01:06
- That's right, we built a fake elevator just so we can scare people! In this prank, there is a businessman that suddenly appears in the elevator and scares the hell out of the unsuspecting victims.
Pranks 29 jan 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 483  
- Screw ethanol, crazy inventor created a car that runs directly on corn - and spits popcorn out of the back. There's only one problem, in order to start, it needs a few gullible people to push it. Also
Pranks 26 jan 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 641  
Snake Charmer Prank 01:01
- Snake charmer invites people to try charming some snakes themselves. Little did they know the snakes would be so charmed of hearing the music that they'll jump right into their faces.
Pranks 25 jan 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 835  
Bad Roommates - Break Most Awesome 06:57
- En samling med klipp med roliga och taskiga rumskompisar. Pranks
Pranks 24 jan 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 2 049  
Teleportion Dog Bone Prank 01:09
- The newest instalment in our growing series of "Humans pranking animals"! In this episode, bone appears in one corner of a grassy platform only to disappear and reappear on the other side! Dogs are fu
Pranks 23 jan 2012   Av: ZentroX90   Klick: 1 787  
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